Temperate Orchard Conservancy Scion Order

Has anyone ordered scion wood from Temperate Orchard Conservancy this year? I ordered from them for the first time this year. They cashed my check, but I have yet to receive any scions and they are not responding to my email queries. They supposedly ship by the end of February. Was wondering if anyone else has received their orders already.

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i have not received anything yet and the are not returning my mail either.

I received a reply on their facebook page that they were running behind schedule because of the weather and to expect my scion in several weeks. This was a week ago. I trust that my scion will arrive soon.

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Thanks for the info. I am relieved that it’s not just a matter of my scions getting lost in the mail or something like that.

i just got my order from steve kelly today, he was very generous.

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I ordered from them last year without any problems

@greyphase I see you got your order last year in February. Temperate Orchard Conservacy scion

I have an outstanding order from them this year as well. However that guy that grafts out that way on youtube ‘ALL ABOUT GRAFTING’ hasn’t done anything yet this year either because the weather has been bad.

I don’t have my rootstock yet so I’m in no rush.

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They have been in the process of planting out thousands of apple trees into their permanent locations. This is a small, all volunteer organization. They are setting the foundation for the future, and are still getting processes in place and are at the mercy of weather and volunteer availability. You might follow some of the progress on their facebook page: Temperate Orchard Conservancy - Home | Facebook

I’d intended to post something here earlier, but didn’t see an active thread discussing it to respond to, and then it slipped my mind for a time. I spoke with some of the principals at the beginning of the month at a grafting party and they plan to get the scions out, but at the time said it would be mid-March at the absolute earliest. Meanwhile, life…


I just received an email from Joanie Cooper at TOC apologizing for the shipping delay and saying my scions are on the way.

when did you put in your order

I put in my order in early December.

me too. Mine are also on their way.

Received my TOC scion today. Two varieties were unavailable and one variety was small. Tucked inside the cardboard tube was an envelope with a check for reimbursement for 3 varieties. I’m always impressed with my dealings with TOC and am already working up an order for next year. :heart_eyes:


I received my TOC scions today too. Also got a partial refund due to some varieties being small.

Got my order today, on got a 1/4 of ordered from drastic cut back in replanting is what joanie said in her note. Will have to try again next year.

I got my order today with a partial refund check because buds had started to push.

i did not get mine today and its not looking like its going to b good.

I got mine today :frowning_face:. I had ordered 7 cultivars and only received one. They added 2 other crabs that weren’t on my list so I’ll give those a shot. The enclosed note stated that the planters had cut them back hard so there was a dearth of scion. Kind of a bummer…could have ordered them from somewhere else. But it’s understandable seeing as they’re just getting started. I’ll probably try again next year.

I got mine this morning. Very disappointing, could have gotten them from somewhere else as well. Live and learn I guess.