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OK so there are no posts here yet. This is a test one.


Will try posting a little info about what’s working best for me in a greenhouse in west Texas. I also need to learn how the site works.

My best fruits are nectarines. Best being the Honey series of yellow flesh, low acid. These take on a superb flavor when grown with some water deficit and brix 20-28.

Next the Arctic series white flesh nectarines.

A couple pluots rank very high: Flavor Supreme and Flavor King. I also like Geo Pride, Flavor Grenade, Honey Punch, Flavor Finale, and Flavor Treat. Most of these are dark skin.

A few apricots rank highly: Tomcot, Robada, Orangered, and Golden Sweet.

Emerald Beaut is the only plum that tastes as good as pluots above.

Best Sweet cherries are Selah, Skeena, Sandra Rose, and Bing.

Figs rate next: Strawberry Verte, RDB, and Paradiso

Summer Muscat is a fantastic tasting grape but very hard to grow. Summer Muscat is good and much easier to grow.

Best blueberries are Sweetcrisp and Springhigh.

I’ve only got one peach, Valley Sweet, that ranks near the nectarines.

All above grown in a greenhouse in west TX at 4500ft elevation.


That was easy!! Looking good so far.

Glad to hear its working! Check out all the admin options, you can make new discussion groups, change many preferences, looks, etc.

I am now going to fix the problem with the original domain I had it on still appearing in places. Hopefully I won’t wreck something!


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