Texas Goji

Interesting article here: Texas Goji

"A few years ago, Goji berries were the hot plant for gardeners due to their almost mythically healthy fruit. That was before gardeners realized what a weedy, suckering mess goji (Lycium barbarum) made in the garden. The Lycium species few people knew about was the US native goji berry, Lycium texanum…an endemic to a small region of West Texas.

Here is a new photo of our almost 3 year old clump of Lycium texanum, from a Hudspeth County, TX seed collection by our new Horticulture Manager, Patrick McMillan. This is a non-suckering species with foliage that resembles an asparagus fern…all laden with small red fruit in the fall, which is edible by birds, wildlife, and humans. We’re thinking this may wind up in a future PDN catalog. Hardiness is unknown, but in the wild, it occurs from 3,500′ to 4,600′ elevation, so it should have good cold tolerance. Our photo was taken after our winter lows of 16 degrees F."


I actually talked about Native Lycium Species in another post

If yuo see some you like Cal Photos has a good list of pictures
(not just flowers like a lot of search engines )


See (I have a assortment of other links but they are some place saved )
While I was looking for them A few things to Say Search the internet * for the Latin name or Family
Take a Look at Pfaf.org (see below)

I may edit the links I have saved here , but cannot find now.)
Modifying statement (not editing)
Actually Wanted to see if I could find them quick so looked up wolfberry
I’ve found this recently , , but I also re found this
,because it looks like I’ve Learned of the below link in 2008 ,
but not the other links I was looking for I will have to dig for them…


Note (in introduction) see how Clay is added to some mashes that is for detoxifying
Similar thing of how they give Activated Charcoal to people that are poisoned or over dose on drugs.

How I mentioned Look at (pfaf) plants for a future
Actually saw the Lycium native to North Carolina Florida On the Library below,
but also it is in Pfaf , and that is a easy way to see relatives of plants with uses to use plant material


Here is some Articles In this Library for the Medicinal stuff like using bark here


SEE THESE many listed for California

In Chinese There Native Goji According to Purdue Goji is Go qi zi
I wonder the names the NAtive Americans Used for there Native ones (and the Chinese ones) ?
I tried, A chef Suiox Chef I saw a thing about Him cooking / Foraging,
but didn’t get any hits for Lycium or wolfberries in any searches
(I could look at the Native American Data base, but not sure how to access the writing, but a little digging may reveal a Common language for them to research online)

I edited out my rant about Nurseries that sell plants that cover the entire forests
(spent 100’s to 1000’s of hours clearing tree’s)
I guess if some of these are tried it would be Wise, to make sure they do not spread by bagging fruit, and spreading seeds to see if they pop up like crazy or see if a Arboretum could do it for you in a controlled manner or know not to plant something already from there experience with it,.

Since the Original poster is quoting someone from Texas for it’s spread
I wonder If you can graft to prevent the Plant from Suckering ,
but maybe not the best in Texas to grow it at all.

I am very Sure I read about collecting Berries In the Late Jack Kellers Wine web site years ago
How they where invasive down there in (San Antonio TX or other place he lived in TX)
but a couple weeks ago I did not see it listed,
but I know he also has recipes all over his site I didn’t check, and his blog as well
I thought maybe it was Berberry (Berberis )
but didn’t see that being invasive either. (but on his site)

Oops I did not mean to send

I was supposed to post this as well
Niece or a Toddler was here so accidentally didn’t finish post (was going to save in draft.)

This is a Arizona Native Plant group
Good pictures of Lycium species I wanted to post that one the most


Also just in case you are interested in That jack Keller Wine recipe
I think It was for Barberry , (different species )
but the Information is not Easy to find even looking for Bar Barry So I will post as well could give a Idea to make a Lycium wine, but be cautious
The tomato family has solanum in it
drink in moderation just to be careful (or bottle in 250 ML. bottles )

He may have never spoke about wolf berries
I thought He mentioned them Spreading more taking over waste places ,
but it was many years ago, and also could be some
place in his recipes or blog listed under another name like barberry was.


If your Near Houston TX 30 miles away in Katy

You also may be able to find some plants through the Native plant group in Houston Texas
(I did belong to one in San Antonio in meetup,
but they removed non active members nice people though )

30 miles from Houston In KATY TEXAS Rare Fruit growers

This is one of the people that forage (he writes books)

Initially I browsed the article looked again today after I wrote what I wrote
Nice Plants there , but I have to say

Juniper Level Botanic Garden is in Raleigh North Carolina I had to laugh!