Thais do it right!

I just returned to the US after a stay in Thailand. The Thai people have a very close connection to their food. Very little processed foods; most coming from their local community and being sold in local fresh food markets. You never see mulberries in stores in the US because of their 2 to 3 day shelf life…but that doesn’t appear to be a problem in Thailand, as these berries were readily available:

I had the opportunity to visit an agricultural fair held at Khon Kaen University in Thailand…It was simply amazing! Thousands upon thousands of fruit trees in three ~40 foot wide rows that stretched about 100 yards each:

And, of course, my favorite…There were over a dozen vendors selling mulberry plants:

Thai people don’t have breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as in the US…They eat practically all day and night long…mostly fruits and vegetables with small additions of meat and no processed foods (other than noodles), but most seem to have an extremely low BMI. I stayed stuffed the three weeks I was there, but now weigh a pound less.


I love the food there. I could live off the street vendors.


Look closely at the latitude.

In the old days when people talked about mulberries, we only thought about food for silk worms :slight_smile:

These days mulbery is in vogue, both fruit and leaves. I came back with packets of mulberry tea.

You can’t easily find those fruit in Bangkok. You were in the right place. Lucky you.

Why? We were growing them for fruit when I was a child!

I was talking about Thailand. I also meant to say it’s about mulberry leaves.

Mulberry fruit is local fruit in the north and particularly northeastern region of the country. They were not available nationwide, nor they were popular in the past. Nowadays, the fruit is still not very common at a national level.

Wow, sorry. I thought “we” meant people here on the board.