The art of pruning…. Anybody?

I like minni tree’s, not bonsai, just a little bigger. Got about 24 citrus trees, if each produces 3 or 4 fruits, it’s all I want, 24 times 4= about 100 fruits, that’s good enough for the 2 of us. 4 or 5 feet tall trees are great.
My tree’s has produced way more than 100 in previous years.

These 2 tree’s are not even 4 feet tall.


How’d you rate the productivity of Valentine Pomelo? Compared to Oro Blanco (if you have it) or mandarins? I hear reports that it is much less productive but can’t find a reliable source.

Valentines and Thong Dee are both very productive varieties. As far as pomelo’s, these two are just my varieties I have room for. I love these two and wish I could grow more.

Thanks. Most pomelos and grapefruits don’t sweeten up in our mild coastal area. Oro Blanco and Valentine pomelo are exceptions. I planted a Valentine last year and it is growing well. Hope to see 1-2 fruits next year