The best Asian Pears


Last year, as I reported in another post ,I dug wild callery rootstock and grafted shinko to them, planted them out .
All did great, several had a fruit or two on them this year, which I failed to remove.
While not real sweet they are pleasantly crisp and juicey.
What I did notice is that they are blemish free,look very marketable from my un sprayed orchard.
The photos from others of Asian pears also look blemish free.

So my question is ,( since I am new to growing Asian pears )
Is this typical ,in the east , to be able to grow blemish free Asian pears without spraying ?


@Hillbillyhort, I wish I could say yes but after 10 years of having KG, that answer is No. Insect pressure will build over time.

The thin skinned A pears like Shinseiki and 20th Century are easier to be damaged by bugs. Russeted skin in Shinko, Hosui, Kosui and KG are harder. The good news is damaged A pears can hang on the tree until ripen. You just have to cut around the damage areas and eat the rest.

Somehow OFM, PC can really damge all or almost all peaches on a tree. However, those insects (including catfacting insects) don’t cause total damage on pears. I am not sure why.

I only spray Surround on pears (not thoroughly like I do with peaches). I’ve seen several with bug damage. I just eat around it.

I think @clarkinks has one pic of his A pears that showed many were severely damaged by bugs (catfacing).


Then heavily thin the fruits and bag them.
This year, I didn’t bag my pears because of serious FB. I am studying how to prevent FB next year and bag my fruits from tiny.


I am one of those nuts who bags my fruit in thousands.

I don’t bag A. pears. Too many of them.


I harvested the rest of my Drippin’ Honey today. What a great pear these are! Big, flavorful, and sweet. Can’t wait for more next year. They are as large as Korean Giant but I get to enjoy them a month earlier—a big plus.


When did you start harvesting these?
I thought KG is better than dripping honey. No?


To me DH is not as good (they also cracked a lot in my wetter area

Taste is obviously subjective…


@Susu I started picking them 2 weeks ago when I found ants attacking one, so the last week of August. The taste is different than Korean Giant, but is very pleasing to me. Both are great pears to grow in my opinion. They are better than most store bought Asian pears.

@mamuang That’s very sad that they crack at your location. We get plenty of rain around here but my pears luckily don’t crack, only some varieties of figs.


@PharmerDrewee i had a lot of cracking last year but we had wet weather most of the year in 2019 with no cracking at all. Some years we have a few crack. Conditions are either good for them in a location or not. Ive never had cracking like that in any of the other years ive grown them which has been way back to the gardenweb days and beyond (we have been on this website nearly 5 years so i have grown drippin honey many many years longer. Maybe 12 years / fruit 6 -8 yrs? ) . They are more prone to crack than other pears if its an issue in your area. Many prefer DH to KG but KG is a very good pear as well like @mamuang said. At times one is better than the other depending on the year. Its not a competition for me between the two as you said @PharmerDrewee they compliment each other with different ripening times. We are so fortunate to have both!


These are some Korean Giant that were small and immature when the others were picked. Very sweet.


Maybe someone can tell me what type of asian pears these are. They taste mildly sweet but in a pleasant way , they are also very crisp and juicy. I bought this group of asian pears thinking they were likely hosui or Korean Giant but these are not either type. I enjoy them but not for any of the reasons i like a european pear they are nothing like that.Like ya li you will either love them or hate them. A guy had tags mixed up on a large lot of these and so the price reflected the confusion on varities. If there is a type from the lot i purchased i dont like then no worries i will graft them over. The skin is not rough at all. Most of us have established what are favorite types are and Dripping honey and Korean Giant these are not but they are good. Chojuro if it was not so fireblight prone is also a very delicious asian pear i highly recommend for those who like the flavor of butterscotch and this pear is not that type either. Hosui can be ruled as well mine were ready weeks ago and they have a very rough skin and different flavor.


Perhaps this is Niitaka AKA Singo. They are a larger russeted pear and the flavor is very mild/watery. The skin texture matches what you describe too. I think their season is slightly later in September though, but it’s not one I grow. They are very commonly imported over from S Korea every fall/winter, and can be found at Asian markets so you can buy some and compare.


The owner of the Asian supermarket where I bought a 2.1 pound Asian pear also told me I should slice it up and make marinade for meat with it.


I ate a Seigyoku off my tree this weekend. I really liked it a lot. Perhaps picked at the perfect time, but it was the best variety I’ve had from my trees this year. I haven’t tried drippin honey. We’ve had a pretty good drought since early July so the asian pears had plenty of sun and dry.


I minimally sprayed my pears with spinosad, Surround and sulphur in the spring. I think two sprays. I had mostly perfect pears. I’m thinking the sprays did little as they seem to grow through curculio bites and didn’t get rot. I would try to not spray, but it’s so easy to do when I’m already out there.


Asian pear is a staple in Korean BBQ marinade. I add it to all of my steaks because it adds subtle flavor, tenderizes, but doesn’t impart something too strong or obvious.


Large, right sweetness, super light, juicy, and crunchy Yali.



Nice harvest.


Just beautiful Tony!!


Snow is coming on Friday morning so this Korean Giant loaded with sweet fruit have to be harvest today.