The blessing of a cold winter and a quick warm up in spring

After a record chill accumulation we suddenly warmed up in the mid 80s for the last 10 days. We were very near 90 degrees today (very odd for this time of year). The result is that we are seeing the tightest most compact bloom ive witnessed in 6 years of growing at this location.

The season is looking quite cheery at this moment…Ive been getting all my grafting done. Only issue is that its so hot that im sweating into my eye glasses and that slows me down a ton. lol But my tan on my legs is returning now that we are fully in shorts season. :sunny:


I read that Phoenix was to have its earliest 90 degree day on record. Of course, I thought of you. I hope the combination of circumstances bodes well for a great growing year for you.

The heat is supposed to spread both eastward and northward from there. I hope it’s merely a short breather for them and does not bring their trees out of dormancy too early. We won’t get as warm as those areas, and will be having close to normal temps, instead.

I’m not out of the woods here, yet, but the January cold helped slow and stall most of my trees. So, I actually now have much more hope that they will be able to fruit successfully this year.

You’ll have to post pics of your legs. I mean blossoms.

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Super glad to hear that your trees slowed down and didnt fully bloom out! There is hope! Ill get out in the orchard this afternoon to do some additional grafting and take a camera with me. The bloom this year really is spectacular. Our honey supplier brought a hive over yesterday so we are now all ready for the cherry bloom to start this weekend. Our property draws plenty of bees from the area. The issue with our cherries is that they bloom at the same time as our big Amadiocot, and that apricot blooms in the hundreds of thousands. The bees go into a orgy on that tree and kinda ignore the cherries. Having a couple hives means I can place them directly in the cherry block so that a least those bees have to fly in and out of the cherries on thier way out. Makes for a far greater cherry fruit set for us.

Jealous of your weather and still shivering in Rhode Island!

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Dont be too jealous! We just planted about 120 ft of watermelon at 2 pm and we are HOT! lol Thats Arizona for ya. We go from cold to sweating hot very quickly.