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We see a new plant and read the hype and then we place an order. Then we plant and start the long wait with anticipation of tasting the first fruit or in this case berry. The picture below is of my Prime Ark Freedom blackberry. Of course we only display our best looking one. It was tipped at about 42" and I see a few side branches starting to grow. Please tell me what I want to hear. These branches will eventually have my first primacane berries this year.

Pic top

Pic bottom side branch

Pic of plant

$500 worth of irrigation products confirms this theory

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I hope your dream comes true!

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Auburn, has it formed any berries yet this year?

My answer is that you have a good chance.

I only planted my 5 this spring. Among the 5 plants there are three berries just starting to color up that developed last month while they were still very short. I just walked out to measure and the tallest is ~48". It has a clusters of 8 buds total on the tip. You probably recall what happened to the first one to reach this height and bud - raspberry cane borer attacked it. I hope they don’t find your brambles.

The point is that these canes are producing buds and berries this year. So, yeah, you’re going to get some primocane berries if all goes as it should. Since mine appear to be budding right about the height where you tipped yours, I’m not going to tip these until they’ve grown past these initial berry clusters. We can compare the difference in results. (If the pests don’t defeat either of us.)

I relocated these plant to what will be a better location this spring. Rather than over stress the plants from the relocation I decided to sacrifice the early crop and cut them back to the crown. I’m not sure if that was a wise decision or not but it is done now. I don’t have any signs of blooms as of now. Yes it will be interesting to compare our plants and location. I have big hopes for an early and late crop from the freedom plants. Bill

That is a lot of irrigation. Bill