The horticultural needs of myrica pensylvanica--bay berry

I run a clandestine charity from my back porch. I am getting requests for bay berry. (myrica pensylvanica if I have my Latin right).

I had no problems keeping them alive in NH. but I never got more than about thre berries in five or six years of growing them.

Is-are there soil conditions this shrub needs? What’d I do wrong?

I expect I can rustle up some for an autumnal give away, But, I’d like to give good intsructions to growers.

I did accidify soil, as my best guess of this plants needs.

Bayberry has male and female plants, that could be the problem. I have both if you want cuttings/suckers.

Aside from that it grows pretty much anywhere, thriving on neglect.

Hm, he said. Howsabout I send you the postage and an honorarum, and you send something with roots on to: Robin Marble, POB XX Xxxxx ME 00000.

When you can work your yard (and Robin can work hers)?

I am pretty sure she’s in the right space and skill-set to do this. PLMK