The landscape value of blueberry bushes

This year was an incredible blueberry production year. We harvested 5 - 6 gallons from 3 year old bushes and they put on a significant amount of growth. I’m hoping to get even more berries next year. All of our fruit trees have dropped their leaves and gone dormant but the blueberries are just starting to shine:

Is anyone using (or recommending) blueberries for their landscape value? Each time I visit the orchard I’m blown away by how gorgeous the bushes look now!

I think blueberries are awesome! What’s not to love? I also have Ochlockonee and like it very much.

I actually planted Ochlockonee based on your recommendation Matt. Can’t wait to taste them this year!

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For starters, they die on me! :frowning: The day I miss watering them, they turn toast. It doesn’t help I have high ph soil and water!

I’m very jealous of you who can make it work!

I guess the grass is always greener on the other side! I can grow blueberries pretty easily but am jealous of the relative ease that Californians can grow stone fruit.

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I think they make great landscape plants. Mine have a nice red fall color and even the summer color of the leaves are nice. I think they look good when flowering as well and make a great deciduous hedge.

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Which bloobs are fruiting well for you, Mickster? Which ones taste the best for you? Which have been most productive? Which are growing nice and achieving their size potential?

Where are you located? Have you had any trouble with late frosts zapping the flowers?

I’m into edible landscaping, but tend to error on the edible side. Sure a few say…figs in good locations look good, but I got 25 of them, and well, not so nice looking now! LOL!
The more ornamental blueberry bushes are nice, here though it is a challenge as they will not grow in native soil. I still have 8 plants in raised beds, or containers. Also they are often one sided bushes, not even or symmetrical, some cultivars are very well shaped. I have Cara’s Choice as the taste is exceptional, and leaves are blue-green. It is pretty, but is rather uneven in growth. So for me it’s a mixed bag. My neighbor has burning bushes, and this other bush that is amazing looking. Not sure what it is? So his landscaping looks just awesome, I like to look at it as I eat my blueberries :grin:

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I thought I would tease you with a photo of my Northcountry blueberry. It’s in full bloom right now.


Don’t make me take some cot pics now :smile:

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Haha. You’re still the winner in this fruit game when all your fungus free stonefruits sweeten up.

If I get fruit. Flavor King is runting out with Crown Gall and Flavor Supreme is thriving but just a handful of fruit for another year :persevere:

Is the scion I sent you still alive?

Tomcot? It grew well but all blooms aborted in the wind and rain.

I’ve thought of a blueberry hedge out of something like pink lemonade blueberries since they have 4 season interest, but I like formal hedges. I’m just not sure blueberry bushes could give me that?

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I agree, they grow in odd shapes, some do. With age they would look decent though. I made a hedge with cornus mas. I saw a formal hedge, and it was perfect, so I decided to try. It’s taking years, it will work, but it is taking foerver 5th year, and only at 5 feet. This is the hedge, I forget where it is at? I grabbed this off the interenet.

A close up

An example of the fruit. Not from my plants!

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WOw that looks great!

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