The most carefree plums?

Which plums are working great for you in terms of minimal care in zone 7 and up? I have mirabelle de flotow which is totally carefree and also my oullins gage doesn’t need much. On the other hand some of my newer EU plums need a lot of pampering. I am looking for varieties that would be able to survive without spraying in the wild. Which ones would you recommend? Thanks!

Santa Rosa is a great performer here in zone 9. It’s prolific and needs to be thinned or the plums get small. Plus, the flavor is just fantastic.

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Are you in Europe? If so, how humid is your climate? Stone fruit and humid does not work well together.

As you may know what care free in one location may not be in another.

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Thanks for your replies. Yes I am over in Europe and my climate is pretty mild, not that humid and far from the East Coast.
Annual precipitation average is about 21 inches. I am planning to topwork some of the many myrobalan trees (prunus cerasifera) that grow close to my house so looking for suitable candidates for the upcoming years.

Have you seen a thread called Asian/Euro Plum Grafting Compatibilty? It is a good read.

My plums are too young to know about their difficulty level.

Mamuang, thanks I will read that through in the evening once the kids fall asleep.
For plums and apricots grafting I use mostly myro and myro c rootstocks, because they are so universal (I know even people grafting peaches on them). It works very well in different climates, being used in dry Spain, Italy but also my climate or wet Holland. I have about 15 japanese plums on myrobalan, green gage and st. julien rootstocks and I have never seen any compatibility issues. I also graft on wangenheim plum (p. domestica) but I use that one only for euro plums and apricots so cannot confirm any incompatibility there. Anyway Wangenheim and clones like wavit are not used for jap. plums by nurseries so I am not experimenting with that and I just do what they do :slight_smile:
In the last two years I grafted about 60 japanese plums on the 3 types of rootstocks and I haven’t noticed any compatibility issues (neither heard from friends I gave the trees to).

Right now,Shiro and Beauty are both vigorous and the most fruitful.Brady


That’s true for me as well here in Zone 10a.