The most disappointed fruit you grow?


I hate to sound like an idiot…but what is that? I’m guess some type of melon but I’m not sure?


Korean melon


So far I have had trouble getting apples established. Just when I get them started a drought seems to cause them to die. My pomegranates were just starting to make and then they froze back. Hopefully next year they will start making. As for figs I never do anything to them and I get more than I can use. Down here as long as we don’t have a severe drought they make like crazy. My trees are big enough that the freezes don’t bother them now.


I agree, and all of mine have been top rate when I did everything right.
Some require too much attention to be worth it, but others are worth it. One has to choose their battles wisely.
Figs can be hard to grow correctly in containers, but I like them enough to try, and I’m very pleased with the results. I get out of my fruit as much as I put into it. Over watery figs happen a lot due to weather, and I found these taste great slightly dehydrated. Truly they are just over watered, the full flavor is there all the way if processed right.
Blueberries grown in raised beds solved my soil problems and now my yard is filled with 6 foot bushes. Cages built around them solved the bird problems.

Chester blackberries need to hang forever and they will be super sweet as any blackberry i have grown. These in my opinion are underrated. People tend to pick them WAY early.
Still if I take a really good blackberry and grow it right it beats Chester every time. So I can make them acceptable but is it worth it to protect from SWD and birds, and let them hang the time they need to be premium? For me no, I removed mine. Too much effort to protect from SWD, when I can grow others I do not need to protect.
I guess too it’s a matter of prospective. I have always liked growing plants, not just edibles. I enjoy plants. Edibles was a challenge for me to grow right, could I do it? I was coming at edibles to see how well I can grow them, more than just the fruit, what is fun is learning about all the different families of plants, and what you have to do to grow them correctly. Achieving that goal with great fruit is a lot more fun than achieving it for a great flower, although that works for me too.
For many it’s all about eating great fruit. For me it’s all about growing great plants.
I have been trying breeding the last few years and here again it’s not about producing some unique super fruit, it’s about learning and mastering breeding techniques, and little to do with the end result. the journey is the prise, not the fruit at the end of the journey.


Mmmm, you might be right. I did water mine (they are in pots) almost everyday. Restricting water would improve the taste, I assume, but would it also change the texture? Texture is my main problem with figs.

I’ll slaughter all my trees except Verte this fall and try to take better care of it next summer. Verte is the one which hasn’t had the chance to disappoint me yet, as it hasn’t fruited.


i get a great crop of figs, once they have been inground for 4 years.
i loose few now that i have cats on my payroll.
my disappointments come from bad info.
celeste is touted all over the south as being care free n tasty, but it couldn;t adapt to the alkaline soil of the southwest.
ronde de bordeaux is rated 10 all over the east coast, but the fruits are horrid.
these are regional figs.
only after my failures with these did i realize that they did poorly for most, if not all growers in the plains.
figs are work. i wrap them every winter, but my best 4 year old gave me 300 great figs.
i’ll just stick to tough mount etnas n ignore primium figs that cost lots n do poorly.


This came up on another thread some time back: I was stoked to get D’Arcy Spice apple in the ground, a bench graft on Bud118 from Greenmantle. It’s supposed to do wonders in drier climates. Read: drier for England! In far eastern Washington it dropped all fruit overnight after reaching 90 F. Year after year after…

Not quite as disappointing, but surprising in a bad way, Rambour Franc/Summer Rambo had a spectacular bloom first time around last year, setting 300+ fruits. I thinned it to less than 90. Not a single blossom this year. Next season I must thin it to 24? 30? to break the cycle.

Blueberries have not done well, because I must tend to them deliberately each year. I have had (much to my wife’s chagrin) better results with black currants. Must rectify the situation with the two blueberries still living and show her I love her.


For me, the most disappointing fruits have been korean cherry and Shipova.
Korean cherry was sweet with almost no flavor, got disease and never produced again.
Shipova took forever to fruit, then was mediocre in flavor, then got huge fungal disease.
At least there is all of the other fruit.
John S