The Other Tomato - Not Bulgarian Triumph

So as noted in yesterday’s Box Car Willie thread, I have a second mystery tomato as well.

I’m batting a thousand this year… wanted to try two new-to-me varieties and neither are what they were supposed to be :slightly_smiling_face:

I had read a lot of high praise about Bulgarian Triumph and decided I’d try it out. Found some on eBay from a seller that had ratings in the high 90’s so I got the seeds and away I went.

What I’m getting looks more like some type of “Giant” tomato. Pretty dang big, ribbed and so far much paler than any of my toms in the garden even San Marzano.

I’ve sent a message to the seller to see if he can give me any idea what it might be, in case he grows out some giant toms and maybe got the seeds mixed up. Hopefully he will respond and can tell from the pictures what it might be.

I have some pretty big Brandwine and NAR out there but I think these may be bigger, and seem not as far along for as big as they are. Plant set a lot of fruit so maybe it’ll be a great one too, but I’d still really like to know what it is.