The plumond

Does this looks like an almond hybrid?
The pollen that I used during the flowering season was Myrobalan plum, F1 Moorpark apricot, and open-pollinated.

Any almond experts here that could potentially identify it?

Three years ago, when my peach x almond hybrids germinated, at this stage, the first leaves resembled the almond parent, then they started resembling their peach parent.

Here are more pictures:

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Here are more pictures:

It’s definately an almond x plum hybrid.

Here’s again, the plumond:

Here’s my year one old almond seedlingling, the seed parent is my proprietary F1 Nonpareil Almond x Unknown pollen:

Does it looks like a true almond or like a hybrid?g

My plumond has stopped growing.

It’s probably just getting ready for winter. Still looks healthy. Does seem pretty early for a seedling to shut down. Maybe it will be dwarf.

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I also have four apricot and one plum seedlings and they show no signs of dormancy at all.

Two years ago, during this time of the year, my two peach x almond hybrids seedlings were still growing; in fact, they did not went into dormancy during Winter.

What I’m noticing on this new interspecific hybrid is that the new leaves are coming out deformed and then failing to grow.

Now the advent of autumn my young Tasty Rich seedlings exhibit the same symptoms the new leaves are coming out deformed and then failing to grow.

The late Luther Burbank tells an interesting story about it’s peach x almond and almond x plum hybrids.

You can find it at:

“The almond and
its Improvement
Can it be grown
inside of the peach?”

Has your research yielded any second generation hybrids yet and, if so, have you seen the same variety that he mentions. His comment “In a word, these are almonds grown inside of a peach,” is, as he writes, interesting to consider.

No. This is my first plum x almond hybrid.

As for my peach x almond hybrids, they will start blooming next year. I will let a few flowers to open-pollinate themselves, while the rest I will hand pollinate them with my proprietary plumcot, Chocolate Jewel plum, and with my F1 Nonpareil Almond.