The secret ingredient in Dr. Pepper - revealed?

I heard one kid describe it as being hot!


Depends on how much of a sugar tooth you have. I don’t think you can make a comparison of Pepsi Products and Coke products. Pepsi products are extremely sweet candy like products like Pepsi or Mountain Dew. Coke products are known to be more acidic and less sweet tasting. Dr Pepper is more herbal tasting. The problem Pepsi has faced is the soda market has seen a significant decline in the past 20 years due to health concerns, price concerns and it is super bad at branding. Branding is an art. I know personally the Mountain Dew zero sugar I buy is about 12 dollars which is 1-2 dollars a soda which does not roll well compared to the 35 cans you get for cheap at Costco.

Coke is the superior pop! I’ve gone to maybe once or twice a month max for having any pop (soda for the rest of you most likely). Usually it’s ginger ale for me… @Bradybb my daughter calls it ‘spicy’ because of the carbonation.

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Eh to me any of the Pepsi brands are best but the sweeter the better for me. I just need to wane myself out of pop. It would save me a lot of money honestly. I can never seem to do it though.


  • The peel of 4 fresh ( self harvested;)) Lemons.
  • The juice from 4 lemons( set aside)
  • 8 table spoons of sugar.
  • 8 table spoons of water.

Put the peels with the sugar and water on the stove and boil the water away. take of the heat.

Put in the lemon juice and put it back on heat until it bubbles again and steams an acid cloud.

Put in glass jar and in refrigerator. Next day remove the peels from the slurr.

Now u have my italian family in laws’ Lemon sirup.

Add ice cold carbonated water and enjoy your summer with a drink that beats any soda;) cheers


To each their own! I am not a purist myself but between the two I usually prefer a Coke.

To your point about waning, if it helps in your decision the book Gut Check mentions that similar symptoms to fatty liver disease from being an alcoholic can present themselves from excessive sugar intake like drinking too much pop. Apparently it was noticed decades ago back as far as my parents generation when they were teenagers.

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