The story of a lucrative business and rape seed oil


I dont think any of us will ever know what happened but we know its happened before. We may live long enough to figure it out we will see. Once upon a time im told the native americans were were gifted small pox infested blankets The people in charge did not create it but they did know what to do with it. I believe that it happened. If that happened it was most likely someone targeting the Chinese since them and the USA have been close friends in trade. Once terms are reached they will be again friends in trade im confident very soon. Thankfully our death toll is as low as it is because of information they gave us to reduce the number of deaths. Threats have came from North Korea in the past. The biggest thing i think we need to solve is figuring out what plant to make some decent toilet paper from. Someone bought out all the good stuff. People someday will find a balance and live in peace i hope. Back to growing rape before we get off topic further right?


How about making TP from Verbascum thapsus? Moth mullein. Every time I find it growing in my blackberries, garden, or somewhere I think it doesn’t belong, I stop and think, “there might come a time when I need that, I better not get rid of it all”! You know, just in case of emergency :roll_of_toilet_paper: situations. …a little plant humor…


Papyrus…for homemade paper. Or maybe aspen trees.?


Actuallly, mullein is softer than Charmin…I’ve used both!


Yep. Many times I have been grateful for the humble mullein plant. Great plant to have around for medicinal purposes too. I make room for it, even if it does like to grow in my blackberry rows.


They can be pricey, and require flexible thinking, but toilet seat bidet means just using water as toilet paper. No store panic, one less thing to worry about, and some people claim the cleaning is better, less scratchy, and more hygienic. I don’t know if the septic tank takes longer to fill with no toilet paper being flushed. The advanced models require an electrical outlet near the toilet which can add to the cost, but I think the cold-water models may not need power. No need to run outside for fresh mullein leaves.

Sorry, off the topic of pressing oils. I guess we could grow corn for pressing oil too.


A bidet only works if you have electricity. :slight_smile:


I have the cheap no-electricity one and my parents have the fancy electric one. I prefer my cheap one :grin: It is the kind you can add to any toilet; it cost me $35.


Brand? Any photos of your set up. I am thinking about getting one.


Mine is a Luxe Neo 120. In fact I have two of them. Here is a picture of one of them:

I had to do a bit of a custom setup on it as the provided connector didn’t match, I took the picture so you can see it. Also the toilet seat I had to grind a bit out of so it would fit, you can see that as well (in the back there is a bit missing from the inner part of the rim). For most toilets I think it is easier.


Thanks Scott. That photo helps me to see the real thing.


We got a fancier electric one with heated seat and drying fan. Brondell but we bought it from Costco, much cheaper. Our first one quit working in less than a month so we returned it. It’s also not a perfect fit to the toilet seat, a little overhang that does not interfere with function. So far, so good with the replacement. We had been planning it for some time so when we needed electrical work in the bathroom, I had them put an outlet by the toilet. I really prefer simpler things, less to go wrong. Frankly, I think your cold water one would have been plenty fine enough, at a fraction of the cost, but the heated seat and warm water are popular in my household.


In my area, outside city limits, we seen the past two weeks an upsurge in breaking into mailboxes hoping for April bill checks and the stimulus money, as well as Red Devils gang graffiti all over the place.


My grandma was dirt poor Irish, and they did what everybody did with an outhouse in the 1800s did even through mid 1930s: used old Sears catalog pages.

Now, if we run out of fancy toilet paper, shall we go back to smelly but water saving outhouses? Very economical, but you need to dig them, and have lime.


Sooooo…I went ahead and dropped the dime. In light of all the recent events. I can’t discuss since it could get political. I paid for and put on order a Freeze drier…It appears it is 4-8 weeks out since they are very busy right now. I found some money I knew I had but didn’t really want to spend but felt this is the right time and right thing to do at this time. I’ll keep you all posted…


You reckon they make a solar powered one for ‘off grid’ use?


Great idea! But I haven’t ever seen a solar one…LOL


You could get an inverter the pumps do not need as clean of power but the refrigeration unit on it does, it maybe pulls 16kw to do a entire run?


“I have the cheap no-electricity one and my parents have the fancy electric one. I prefer my cheap one :grin: It is the kind you can add to any toilet; it cost me $35.”

Bahaha! I hadn’t read anything in this thread in awhile… your quote was the first I saw when I opened. As I read…

“Hand powered…”
cool… I’m interested!
“…can add to a toilet”

What in a holy heck?!

I had this crazy idea you were talking about an oil press.


Wow! You did it! You got the large capacity too! I bet the fruits are going to be phenomenal. Can’t wait to see pictures!!
Bummer you have to wait several weeks, but now you have time to make a special spot just for this baby.