The tag switch that actually paid off

I bought a rather large potted red lake currant from a local nursery early spring. So now it has ripe fruit and as it turns out it was a tag switch and is actually a jostaberry. Went back to the nursery to look at the “red lake currants”. Seems those were real and I was able to taste the fruit as well there. After now tasting both I think I am actually glad that I got a tag switch. The red lakes are incredibly small berries where the josta is much larger and has a sweater taste.
First time that has ever went in my favor.


Sweet! Gotta love the unexpected surprises. I got my Bushels and Berries perpetua blueberry for the same price as a “regular” 2 gallon blueberry bush since it didn’t have the tag on it. The same size plants from bushels and berries are going for twice as much at other places near me (and online)


Yeah but the red currants after cooking with sugar make a delicious jam. It also is a pretty welcome bush when walking up a path to a home.

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