The very rare Saint Nicolas pear

As your likely aware @39thparallel and I frequently give each other backups of ultra rare pears. Saint Nicolas is one such pear 39th parallel very rare pears . Blooms are setting but we will have to wait and see today is April 9th. There are many people waiting to see this pear and learn more about it.


Still waiting on Treasure too. I think my St Nicolas may have had one pear a couple years ago but, it disappeared before I could sample it.

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It would surprise me if these produce fruit but it seems determined to try. There are alot of blossoms on that small tree.


Thanks for having me out today and for allowing me to try this exceedingly rare pear. It’s a very unique taste due to the tartness. In some cases thats very valuable for fruit to have tartness. Cooking would be very blan if every pear was bosc or clara frijs. Most people have never heard of Saint Nicolas let alone seen it or ate it. Appreciate the oppurtunity to do that!


I wasn’t expecting round !

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It’s also bumpy somewhat like Duchess D’ Angoulme but different.