The war with the birds is on!

The birds are getting rabid and I already sustained cherry casualties so this is war!

Now protecting my stash of cherries using bird scare tapes. I used fisherman’s swivel so that the ribbons effortlessly flutter without knotting up in the slightest breeze. Using Christmas decor hooks, they are easy to hang and remove or transfer to another tree. I then directed some laser lights on the tree programmed for 8 hours flashes during the day. Laser lights should irritate the bird’s keen eyes.

I couldn’t afford the $250,000 laser systems that vineyards uses, so I bought a $25 laser disco lights from Amazon and directed them to the ribbons on the tree. It should look fantastic at night.


How do you harvest from that height? Which varieties and what rootstock is that?

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@JoeReal, video of your lights going on at night please! Sounds very interesting!


I have fruit picker and very stable 26’ metamorphic ladder. I can harvest any fruit 50’ from the ground. In fact I can harvest any fruit just from the ground.

95% of my cherry tree canopy is Royal Rainier. The 5% are about 20 types of sweet and sour cherries grafted for specimen only. I make Royal Rainier Cherry wine so need lots of them!

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Can’t wait to see it tonight! So far it is programmed not to turn on at night. I will override it tonight only and see if I can take pics.


My cherry tree at night.


Christmas has come early this year!

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I have fewer cherries this year than last year because of hailstorms, high winds and the late season rains that reduced the fruit sets and brought in a lot of fungal diseases. Many of my dark red cherries have been stolen by the birds. The remaing Royal Rainier cherries are almost ready. The brix have improved but so now the bird damage on the remaining ones. I’m thankful for what’s left for my family and friends!