Things you've been waiting for

I planted this Picea abies ‘Pusch’ back in the spring of 2013. It was a one gallon container I picked up locally with a monrovia tag, cost me $35, It was at a time when I was still planting ornamental shrubs. This was one of those spur of the moment purchases. The first two years it put out a total of 5 pine cones, I moved it forward about 3 feet into a sunnier location last spring hoping for a big 2015, alas it didn’t put out any cones. I was walking by it the other day and it stopped me in my tracks, now this is what I have been waiting for…


Very eye catching!

Wow, that is a very cool specimen plant. Going to have to check this out, more.

Well worth the wait and maybe my one and only true specimen plant. I grow about 15 various roses, but to me those are easy to grow, these damn conifers you get 3" per year, 5" if you are lucky, this one packs a punch in those 3" of yearly growth.


Unreal! VERY cool!!!

I like spruce trees. This conifer looks awesome! I could see one in my yard.

Who knew there was a conifer of the year?!

You should what some ‘cone heads’ have, it can be as bad as fruit growing. Dax had an impressive collection I’ve seen on the GW conifer forum.

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Love it. We just starting to get into ornamentals more, and I think I really need that one.

Time to make some pine cone syrup… Marx Pantry