Thinning apricots

Since I‘ve never had a reasonable crop of apricots before , I never had to think about thinning. Are they thinned the same as peaches or because they are smaller can I leave more on the branches. Thanks!


From the standpoint of breaking the tree…you could leave more. But, size and flavor probably be improved if thinned … assuming a heavy fruit set.

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You can leave more. But if you thin about like what you think peaches should be you’ll be close. Many times I’ve take 5 gal buckets off an apricot tree after they starting coloring up. The bigger they get the closer they look.

I’m very happy you finally have a crop.


Thanks so much! I’ve stuggled over the years as you know. This is pure joy. I still look at each small fruit every day! I don’t think that ever changes! Its exciting. It is also my favorite fruit. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Mrs. G,

I think it’s so cool you can finally grow a good crop of apricots. One of the beauties of living in a Mediterranean climate! You’ll have to let us know how they taste, which I bet is heavenly.


Olpea, it is exciting. I see them dried in the markets, they make the most amazing jam. Taste is everything. I hope they are good! Too many varieties here too choose from. Makes it difficult for a first timer to select what is a good apricot. I’ll find out this summer. Wow! Thank you so much.