This crime scene needs a detective... well an entomologist should do the trick

That THING and his/her friends has done terrible damages to my grape vines. I believe I will lose 40 to 50% of the grapes…

If the first time I see them. When I first discovered them they were mating like there is no tomorrow! Actually all of them were mating… Deep throat: move over…

They seem to adore feeding on nascent bunch of grapes and leaves too (to a lesser extent).

I spent 2 hours on the Net looking for a name and photos but nada…

Is there an online insect encyclopedia that could end my search?


P.S. Sorry for the numerous pictures but there are never enough details in a murder case…



Japanese Beatle?

Looks like some type of June Bug. Kind of like a Japanese Beetle but much larger

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Someone should tell the bugs it’s already July, time to pack it up!

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Perhaps a Rose Chafer.

Regardless which scarab beetle species it is, control would be the same.


Dear Larry Gene:

You are right on the spot: Macrodactylus Subspinosus or scarabée du rosier. Thank you so much for the info and the link provided. If you ever come to Québec for a vacation you’ll have a tour of my orchard and some jam too!


A warm thank to Blueberrythrill and Poncirusguy.

Rose chafer