This place got everything

This place is amazing and close by. Just bring your pick up, load up 2 yard and go. They do it pretty quickly, 15 minutes.


Good prices, those are wholesale rates.

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I wish I could find pine mulch and had a place like that! The bulk mulch place I’ve been emailing about fines since last summer said they can’t get bark. The mills are just burning it.

the prices are for approximately 1/2 yard “scoop”. Most places advertise price per cubic yard, so hopefully people are keeping that in mind when evaluating the price.

I think the county dump has competitive prices where I live. 20 to 23 dollars for a cubic yard of compost, top soil or mulch

There is free mulch near me at recycling centers if you are willing to break your back both loading and unloading. It’s worth it to me.


Free mulch here, too, but I have to load and unload. Good exercise, I figure.

This stuff they are selling is of higher quality, furthermore if you doing container gardening you have to be more selective. For regular gardening I can get free mulch from my electric company, they will dump 2 or more chipping truck loads to my place, they even ask you where you want it dump. A pile 8 foot high, 16 foot long, it’s not good for my container gardening, sorry.
Container gardeners are crying for selective stuff for as far back I can remember . Members here are more into general inground growing. My inground tree’s are doing great without the free stuff after 4 or more years of free stuff. More free stuff more spraying.

My local big box stores must have 1000 wrapped pallets of ‘mulch’ sitting beside the stores. In a month my local gas stations even have 20 or so pallets of ‘mulch’. If you pay attention those pallets are at alot of places… people cant resist buying the bags of colored wood.

I forget what holiday it is but the red/black/brown etc colored mulch goes on sale…and people go crazy buying them up.

The average American citizen wants a neat tidy bag with nice writing on it.

What a great idea someone had to turn old stumps and garbage into flowerbed gold.

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It is a racket, just like bottled water.