This was a bad year for growing stuff in Alaska

We had an ungodly amount of either rainy or overcast days. During the growth season the sun can be intense but every time you slash days off they are felt.

Shit, this year’s winner for cabbage was barely 86 pounds

I think the record is 138 pounds.


That cabbage is fabulous! How great!

Aww man thats too bad… Or maybe still not too bad… :wink:

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Usually they hit a hundred pounds.

Every place has good things and bad things. For starters here we don’t have the bug pressure that makes growing soft fruits an exercise in frustration, but the short growing season and early winter sets a hard limit on what can be grown to maturity. I do love the smaller amount of bugs, and most of the fruits I grow are done by August.

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Look good. I’ve never know cabbage can grow that big! What are you going to do with that cabbage?

That’s not mine! that’s the wining entry on the Alaska fair this year. I don’t do veggies, I’m into trees and bushes.


Are you in Palmer?
I lived in Fairbanks in 1973.
Worked for Henry Gettinger Potato Farm.

that’s a lot of sauerkrauts.

Yeah, Palmer. Fairbanks is too cold for me, I prefer the balmy mastu valley :wink:

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It was the summer without a summer. Even my tomatoes would not ripen- inside a greenhouse!

The honeyberries seemed to do decent. I think I am going to give up the vegetables and focus on fruit bushes.

How do strawberries do? Raspberries? I wish i could grow blackberries…they grow fine here, but unless they are covered with snow, the blossoms die off from cold (triple crown).

Strawberries and raspberries do awesome. I grow Heritage and Red Mammoth, both are very prolific.

Regardless of what the online nurseries tell you Blackberries don’t like a zone 4.

I saw this just down the street- a 1,600 pound pumpkin!

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Here’s a video of them being moved!

What is insane is that according to the article towards the end the pumpkins can be gaining upwards of 40 pounds a day. He is the record holder from 2019 at 2,051 pounds.

That’s pretty intense- cutting the roof of your greenhouse with a chainsaw just do you can move it with a crane! He must spend $500 or $1,000 to have it picked up, hauled to Palmer for the fair, and hauled back down.