Thread to track my BYOC project


One of the biggest peaches I have ever seen! How grand!!! Great going!


Of course with sour strawberries you can make jam or eat over sweet vanilla ice cream. They are awesome once added to that! I need more sweet varieties, most I have are sour.


Can’t believe I missed this thread until now. All the fruits I’m interested in and growing in my neck of the woods. Great compilation and good job with all the fruit trees and berries! Very useful info


This was a very good year for my Snow Queen Nectarine, some were just perfect at 20 brix!!! Just wish all of the fruits on this tree were that sweet!!! Some were only 10/12/15 brix.


Amazing looking nectarines Girly! I think the brix will be even higher when they soften. They are very large too…


Typical for Snow Queen in southern California :slightly_smiling_face:


Honey Kist Nectarine harvest from July 2019!!!
This is a really good piece of fruit!!! :slight_smile:


Woohoo! What a fruit!!


Did you aggressively thin this tree, or the squirrels did it for you? :blush:


LOL both! This tree doesn’t set much fruit for me - as a pattern low chill varieties over set and high chill set just right with very little thinning needed.


Lucky you! High chill varieties simply won’t set here.


How does HoneyKist compare (interms of fruit set and flavor) to Spice Zee in your yard?


The squirrels ate all my Spice Zee this year when I was travelling :frowning:
I have tasted Spice Zee the last few years at the Campbell farmers market and 2 out of 3 years it was outstanding. very similar to Arctic Jay / Snow Queen white nectarines. dont get any plum flavor though… I cant say one is better than the other, both are good. If I had to pick one I would pick the Honey Kist.


2019 07 01 Blenheim Apricot Espalier

This tree is becoming famous in my neighborhood :slight_smile: All my neighbors are taking pictures next to the espalier!!! It is a beautiful sight to watch when the fruits are ripe. like golden Christmas ornaments all over the tree!

I think I over watered it and didn’t leave enough leaves on it - flavor was not that great - around 15 brix.


2019 07 10 Weeping Santa Rosa plum

These were very good, delicious high quality plums with good flavor and a surprising hint of spice. Very good even if it was only 15 brix. Skin can be a bit tart but rest of the fruit was juicy and sweet. It was as good as my Pluots this year.


Flavor King!!!


It’s kind of torture to post this video at this time of the year @Girly :blush::blush:


Sorry @Ahmad finally found time to edit and post… :blush:


Candy Heart Pluerry from August 2019.


What brix did you get on the Candy Heart? Your fruits are huge compared to mine which were more golf ball sized.