Thread to track my BYOC project


25+ brix on many, almost all were 20+. For once I didn’t over water and I thinned over 75% of the fruit set.

I noticed that too - my CHPs are much bigger than the ones others have posted here… May be its the root stock. Mine is on Myro. Yours is probably on citation?


How was their flavor compared to pluots?


I have a weakness for high sugar fruits… so I really like it as much or a tad more than my FK this year but less than ED. But my husband who has a more refined palette liked FK more than CHP even though my CHP brix avg was 5 points higher than FK.

The other pluerry’s I’ve tried are plain sugar, CHP has a hint of acid and some flavor, so I like it more than other pluerries.


Mine was on Citation, so that may be it. Or maybe you have small hands! :grin:


Your a meanie Vin!!! :angry: :rofl:
The size was smaller than Flavor King but bigger than Santa Rosa.


Summer Muscat Grapes -
I dont know what muscat flavor is but planted this grape as @fruitnut raved about it so much!!!
After eating all the grapes, I still dont know what muscat flavor is but the grapes were incredibly good!!! Way better than any store bought grapes.


Those appear to be European (V. vinifera) grapes, not muscadine. Are the skins like store-bought grapes?


I hardly noticed the skin while eating these. With store bought grapes at my local store the skin is thin to mildly noticeable but very rarely thick…

This online pic looks like mine -



Fuji Apple Espalier


Awesome harvest. What is the actual shape of the espalier tree.


Thank you! Here is an old pic that shows the shape…


That is so lovely!!! Great job!


Glad I saw this thread. Very cool what you got going on. Some of your pruning is picture textbook perfect. Thanks!


Thank you Dax! Means a lot coming from you!


Persimmons - Coffee Cake and one tiny Chocolate
Last year none of my coffee cakes were pollinated. This year pollination was much better only a few astringent fruits


My pleasure.



Those persimmons are huge! Do you thin persimmon too?


Yes - had to thin Coffee Cake quite a bit! Even after thinning 75% some branches almost broke! Chocolate only produced a few fruits, no thinning there.


Great job Girly, somehow I missed this thread over the last couple years, it was cool to see the progress you made over the last couple seasons!