Thrips on Nectarines and peaches

I have a 20’ x 6’ raised planter bed with 12 peaches and nectarines spaced 4’ apart planted in order of their harvest dates for successive ripening and kept pruned low. All trees are now 3 to 4 years old. In 2015 one of the nectarines had some fruit that looked a bit chewed on and thought it must have been snails despite the lack of evidence for them. In 2016 there was even more damage extending to other nectarines and peaches (the latter showed less damage). At that point I realized it must be thrips. I removed the damaged fruit during thinning and still had a decent crop, but I am concerned about what might happen this year. Although the damage was just in the raised bed, I have other trees throughout my yard and wonder what control measures I can take.

Your suggestions will be most appreciated.

RandallW, the above does not sound like thrips to me. I have thrips in my nectarine and peach blossoms. I have never seen any damage to my peaches from the thrips that I know were in the blossoms. They are very small so you wouldn’t of noticed a chewed on look. Do you have a picture of your damaged fruit? Somebody here should be able to help with a good picture.