Tiller idles but won't run at high speeds


Bart, it sounds to me that something is restricting the fuel. You may have some dirt or gunk in your float needle valve that is not letting enough fuel go in. If the Start Your Engine / Seafoam doesn’t dissolve the crud, you maybe looking at pulling your carb off and cleaning it.

Make sure the choke is all the way open as well… if that doesn’t work.

Pumping the primer or closing off the chock might force it to let loose and get you going… HOWEVER, as much as you’ve run through it, it would be a long shot that it will simply fix itself.


Also make sure nothing is restricting the air. If the filter is old replace it. Yesterday I was using a Husqvarna quickie saw and it would idle but would not run wide open. The air filter was filthy. We replaced it and the saw ran great. You can test this by taking the air cleaner off and running it wide open. If it still quits on you you can rule out the filter being bad. Just make sure nothing gets sucked into the carb during testing


Have you tried placing your hand over the carb while it’s running yet?

Taken a flashlight and looked into the gas tank to make sure the pick-up tube is still attached?

Check the fuel filter?

Looked for cracks in fuel lines or loose carb bolts?


Thanks for all the great suggestions folks! I’m a complete novice at this stuff.

As far as using the Sea Foam goes, should I try to run it with only sea foam in the tank or should it be mixed with gas?


I hear you can run it straight, but make sure you have good ventilation. I’ve never done it and would have some concerns about it. The only other thing I have done is add alcohol to fuel to get water out of the line however, I don’t think that is your issue.

If Star Your Engine didn’t work as well as your seafoam mix, you probably have something blocking the fuel.

Bart, all the above advise is pretty right on… and there’s lot of videos out there that talk about exactly what you are describing… If you weren’t 5 hours away, I’d drive over and help you out…:grin:



Thanks Bob!!! That’s what I really need…someone who knows what the heck their doing could probably take care of everything in about 30 seconds!


I’ve run a 50/50 mix of seafoam and gas with no problem.
@BobC is right your problem is in one of those two areas…Unless you know what you’re doing, taking a apart and rebuilding these little carbs can be a royal pain. having said that, most of them are throw aways and can be bought online pretty cheaply. That would be my suggestion.

Good luck.


Curious how this ended up?