Time For KDL

If you’re in the South and your trees are blooming, next tuesday-
wednesday, we’re going to have a spring freeze/frost event. It’s
a week earlier than the one we had last year. I discussed KDL
in detail last year and how it works. I plan on spraying my trees
tuesday morning and again tuesday afternoon. The only difference
in my orchard is that this year I have all blooms and no leaves, so
I don’t know if KDL can be absorbed by trees under these circumstances, but I’m sure going to try. I bought mine directly from the company, but if you call them they can tell you where
to buy the product locally. Good luck to everyone.


My yard will be lit up like christmas with lights (under blankets) all over the place. Hopefully my plants will be snug under their blankies.

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How often does it have to be reapplied?

Every time you’re going to have frost/freeze event. It’s
only effective for a couple of days.