Time to $ contribute to this AMAZING forum

I think is time to create a bucket account whereby people can contribute whatever they want to the maintenance of this VERY INCREDIBLE forum.
Can someone create and advertise this option to other members?
Imagine if this forum went down!!!
I first posted this in ‘About This Forum’ section but got no response.

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Hi Patrick! I know you’ve contributed in the past. The thought came up early this year and Scott wrote that he had more money than expected and didn’t need to ask for more for a while yet, and I’m pretty sure he’ll feel comfortable letting us know when the time comes.

Pretty remarkable group of people here that are eager to chip in. I’m glad you brought it up, and when the time comes I’m sure everybody will be on board!

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@Marknmt Yes i agree; however if a donate bucket with Paypal, Chase Pay etc were EASILY available, then it would a simple matter for members who get real happy reading a thread to toss in some coins at their whim, I am sure @Scottsmith could use some extra coins now and then, and I would like to have it available for him. He can always redonate it to his favorite cause if he is too flush. I think we need it. Other input out there?

I certainly wouldn’t object, and Scott could still call quits if the bucket got plenty full, but I can see where our informal way of doing things is part of the charm of the place. And we don’t want to put Scott in a position where someone might accuse him of unjustly enriching himself. So while I think it’s worth discussion I’m not sure the existing system is broken enough to need fixing. So let’s see what folks have to say, and what Scott thinks.

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If running a fruit growing forum becomes profitable that changes the whole dynamic. Nothing is sacred, someone will try to siphon off the money for themselves once it gets to be a big enough chunk of change and trash everything in the process by turning people against each other.