Time to dry some nectarines

It’s finally about to turn hot here so I prepared a few nectarines for drying. Thought they looked good enough for a picture or two. The covering to keep insects at bay is floating row cover.

Here’s the finished product after only two days in the hot west TX sun. Highs about 90F and dew point 50F.

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Very nice, they are very worthy of a picture! Thanks for sharing. I’ll be right over.

Yumm. What varieties, FN?

Honey Royale and Arctic Rose. The fruits are smaller than usual so that’s 10 nectarines. I have many more to dry. At least a hundred. One a day in winter will be welcome.

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Can you please take a picture when they are done? I want to see them dried.

Sure, I’ll post back on results. They won’t look too pretty lacking any anti oxidant. But it doesn’t affect the taste.

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What, your freezer already has all you will need next winter? They freeze so well it amazes me. They don’t mush out like peaches and apricots.

I added a picture of the finished product right below starting picture in my first post above. They look ugly but will taste good this winter.

Johnny: Added a picture at top of dried product.

Thanks, they look good to me. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them with the condensed flavor.

:thumbsup: NectaBacon.


Looks pretty much like bacon indeed! Toasted would be my adjective.

Fruitnut, my question was serious. Given how excellent nectarines are out of the freezer, what is the advantage of drying them? Aside from use as a “trail snack”.

I have a customer that is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America (multi-millionaire with a serious cooking hobby) who produces apple chips from his apples. They really are delicious.

I don’t have a big freezer.

It seems all options are needed when you grow fruit. i have a dehydrator I could use. My freezer is full of gallon bags of berries! Although this year I only have about 15 nectarines, I should be able to kill or give away this year, but next year I may try this. I suppose you could dry figs too.

I added 5 figs to one flat this morning. They need to be drier than plant ripe for long term storage. So will see how these do.

One issue is the fruit can be pretty chewy if over dried. But drier seems better for everything to me for 6 months storage life.

I dried hot peppers last year, and seem to use them all the time. The wife made Chicken Adobo Sunday, I would like to get a better dehydrator with temp control and auto shut-off. The better ones include suggested settings for various products.

Drew when I lived out west they threaded the peppers and hung them on the front porches to dry. I know it’s been to wet here lately but if the weather swings. I hung mine like that in my basement and they did good a couple years ago hanging from floor joist by the door wall. Mine are still hanging. They are ghost peppers. They are to hot for me!

Yes, making ristas here it is too wet, but they are very cool.

I feel like when i eat dried fruit i immediately have to grab the electric toothbrush and the floss… Dried mangoes are the worst… i think they even add sugar to them.