Tips for spraying

I am looking for tips on spraying effectively, without a lot of waste and exposure.

Right now I’m using organic materials. However, it seems like every 3rd time I do something stupid and get a face full of spray and it gives me pause when thinking about swithcing to synthetics. I’m considering synthetic sprays for summer disease and rots, and possibly reducing the number of spring bug sprays I need to do.

What are folks using for nozzles? I’m using the adjustable nozzle that came with my Jacto HD400. Is there a better option for tree spraying?

Do you use a face shield?

I think I’m standing too close to the trees when I spray. Thoughts on keeping a healthy distance?

I use primarily spinosad and dormant oil, but occasionally triazicide. I use a set of disposable coveralls that last at least a season (made for spray painting and bought at NAPA) and I put on a dust mask and safety glasses to keep stuff out of my eyes, mouth and nose. I also wear gloves -the cheap kind from Harbor Freight. I don’t know how necessary it is, especially given how little I need to spray, but it’s OK to do and the neighbors get a kick out of it!

I also put an extension on my pump-up sprayer. It gives me a little more working room. I only have one choice for a nozzle, and it’s a fine mist that works well.

If you don’t mind ladders it can helpful to get a little higher and spray down if your trees are tall enough to warrant it.

Just my habits- others will vary.

I started to use ladder, this way the spray does not fall down on me.

A wand extension is a must, even if your trees are not that big. You can spray from the side and if there is a little breeze you can still avoid getting hit.