Tired of the 90 degree days? How do you beat the heat

Anyone else tired of these hot days? Drinking a gallons of water during breaks and sunburn?
Already got tan lines like the scuba guy and sunburn with 75pf sunscreen on

How do you beat the heat? Its just 10:30 and i’m drenched in sweat and skin is burning. Keeps getting hotter each day.

7B AL.

Swim with the freighters.

Maybe a leisurely float down the river

Central Al, 4 hours from any arbors that i’m aware of.

Head west to at least foothills of Rockies. It’s only early May!! Going to be a long summer in Alabama.

So, I am to be told I am screwed? Any tips though for real? Big fan and a hosepipe mister are what’s in the mail currently to try for a solution.

Nothing like swimmers ear infection from sweat.

AC… I can’t live without AC. Our summers are short…but we still have roughly mid June through early/mid Sept where AC makes life some much more tolerable. Other then that its the pool and the beach.

I already have house ac on, and bedroom ac is on 24/7 whenever in there all night since april,
AC from April to late December.
Had the hosepipe spraying me while I was adding more strawberries to the raised bed I procrastinated on, just came back in because its so hot.

Anyone use a “portable” umbrella while gardening or have any other idea’s?

maybe an ice vest

Was sold till 80$ being the cheapest. Old fashion ducktape to ice alternative then.

Hi Jason,
I’m not from here but live in South Alabama,
I feel your pain brother.
But Its still cool yet by Alabama standards,
Wait till August 95 in the Day, 90 at night 100% humidity.
When the preachers round here talk of hell.
I presume they are speaking from first had experience and describing summers in Alabama.

I follow the shade around the gardens.
I find lots of excuses to work in the hydrangea garden, its always 20 degrees cooler down there.

Jason, what’s a hose pipe sprinkler? I’ve been trying to figure out how to get enough water to my plants this summer so that they have a better chance to perform their best, but I don’t handle heat very well myself. So, I usually wind up just giving up and letting most of my gardens suffer badly once summer sets in full strength for awhile. I’m highly prone to heat exhaustion and just get too sick trying to care for them as many hours a day as it takes. Makes me sound like a wimp, but trying to tough it out hasn’t worked too well for me in the past.

Spend summers on Hudson Bay?

I pretty much shut down when the temp gets above 85F… or when dew points jump into the 70Fs… Maybe the only positive is that i can pretty much shower with the garden hose (and that is 50F well water…even in July).

We just hit 91°F here in central NY! :grimacing:

The midday temps are usually in the 60’s with frosts up until the very end of May. Last year was unusually warm in May as well. It seems the weather this year is following the same exact sequence as last year. That probably means below normal temps in summer.

Lowes/other stores have them. Or a garden hose setting.

mid 60Fs with a mix of sun and clouds here today…with a refreshing cool breeze. Feels awesome…like a fall day.

We are having a unusual spring. Its actually chilly here today. Big low front came thru. Out this way the key to surviving our 110 degree summers is staying wet. Not a little wet, I mean WET. We jump in the pool with our clothes on then get out and work for half a hour, then back in the pool to rewet. Other than the icky feeling of wet clothes its about the best one can do. But we usually run about 10-15% humidity so I dont know how much wet helps in Bama.

We have a ton of blood vessels running thru our neck. Learned a long time ago that a wet cool towel placed around neck can cool a whole body. Maybe some sort of towel you can throw in the freezer and get good and cold.

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100 humidity.
Rash from wet clothes.

From the humidity and sweat, you will be less wet after jumping in the pool.

I usually loose the ability of higher thinking, get disoriented, less balance, and feel sick. I don’t do the heat well.

I’m pretty serious about the topic about staying cool.

for some reason i cant remember previous years of summer, guessing it gets to the point of where i dont leave the room because the ac isn’t even keeping it cool enough.

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@Drew51 I was out there for the forth of July The water was 60 deg!

Jason, how has the mister worked for you?

Catch anything that day, JA?