Tlor-Tsiran Apricot Sets Fruits

Would you say this tree is worth getting over other apricot varieties? Or just average?

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@RichardRoundTree, thanks for the report, looking forward to some next year!

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That looks great. I am already wondering if that will pollenize Black Ice or Nadia. Is that a tiny pit, or is it just the photo?

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Thank you Fruitgrower, I always appreciate reading your reports and reviews as well!

So i may not be the best person to ask as far as apricot comparisons go. I have never eaten a apricot of of a named tree that i knew. They are pretty marginal here as far as frost goes so not a very common fruit tree in Colorado definitely more flowering apricots as landscape trees than fruit trees that i have seen. The apricot i grew up eating as a kid was on western slope and was maybe the parent to montrose? I very much enjoyed this apricot and have had the best apricots i have eaten from these three trees. I very much like the strong apricot flavour and try to pick them just as there starting to dry but still very juicy.

I love this apricot and would describe tlor tsiran as apricot over sweet flavour and most have been that in between still juicy but sweet phase that i personally love. Two that I let dry a bit more became freestone but they are slightly clingstone at the stage i am eating them. My grandfather told me that those apricots were the second best he had ever had (Best being fresh of the tree in California) so i feel that these are very good apricots and i was lucky to get them this year.

All of my stone fruits have been smaller this year with the crazy and wonderful amount of rain but so far everything has still been extremely good tasting which is excellent. My intrepid and Contender peaches just started being able to pull and ripen on the counter a few days ago and the tlor tsiran apricot seems to be in the middle of its ripening window.

Im assuming it pollinates with American / Asian plum crosses and possibly other apricots and asian plums. Since i had read so many negative reviews of it not setting fruit or dropping fruit I was considering turning it into a E plum / Pluot multi graft tree but now i am going to trim it up and leave it alone as it has bore really good fruit.

As far as the pit goes sorry the photo is upside down they are just about 3/4" long 5/8" wide and 3/8" deep oval. There is some small early Contender and Intrepid peaches im taking off branches as well as a tomatillo and a superior plum too accessible via squirrel.


I’ve been on the fence with this one. I was thinking about buying a Puget Gold for next year, but I may buy one of these and graft Puget Gold to it. Is there anything about it that would make it a bad scaffold for another apricot? I love my Black Ice plum, but it is too brittle to make a good scaffold for it’s self.
I want to buy a couple of Black Ice plums and sacrifice them for the Mustang root stock. So far it has been performing well in our soil, and I want to try it with Peach and Apricot. I can’t help but wonder if the cherry plum genes improve graft compatibility.

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Im very happy with it, it has been very hardy and the only downside i see is that it has tight crotch angles but has not had a broken branch yet. I will be trimming it up more next year. I was planning on making it a multi graft tree before and i think it would work good as far as scaffolds go.

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@RichardRoundTree, sounds like a really good fruit, can’t wait!


Hoping to revive this old thread!

I’m glad to hear someone is having luck with this one. It seems to thrive here in S. VT. Totally hardy, no black knot, good growth and form. I’ve gotten zero fruit set, though. I have it grafted to ‘American’ plum (ostensibly, anyway). It’s bloom overlaps with Chinese/Mormon Apricot, plus Wanetta, LaCrescent, Tola, Kahinta, Elmore Gold, and Black Ice plums, plus 1/2 dozen wild low suckering plums scoured from roadsides. All are planted at ~8’ spacing, so that the crowns overlap. I also have a couple of small red leaf (presumably myrobalan) plums very nearby that make plenty of blossoms.

We have lots of native bees and most years they are out en masse during plumblow season. I’ve had it flowering around 6-7 years now, I’d guess. I’ve never seen any sign of fruit set. I have cruddy luck on the whole with plums and apricots . Curculios are abundant here, and fruit almost always drops by the time it’s marble sized or so. These Tlor Tsiran, though, for all their trying, can’t seem to set a fruit. I’d love to know why. I’d thought maybe I needed a different pollenizer, but there must be something else going on.

Mine is on its 4th year and im thinking it might be the first it sets fruit.

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Do you have scions to trade? I’d love to add this onto my worthless apricot tree in the front yard. I have several options to trade if you’re interested/able.