Tlor tsiran bloom and/or harvest period PNW

For those in PNW, especially, when does tlor tsiran bloom and/or ripen in absolute dates or relative to any of the following?: Satsuma, Northern Sunset, Toka, Green gage

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It has never bloomed for me in several years of growing it. That said, I dont spray or do any winter maintenance.
I am curious to hear from others.

I have 2 Tlor tsiran trees. They bloom profusely most years. I’ve thought I’d had fruit set before, but they’ve never sized up at all before dropping. I’ve never had a fruit ripen here either, obviously. I’m in New England, and have been growing them since about 2012 or so. The bloom time overlaps with Toka here. I don’t have any of the other varieties you mentioned though

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@hobilus do you remember if it overlaps toka at the end or beginning of toka’s bloom and around what part of what month? When does your toka ripen?

I want to say Tlor tsiran starts blooming before Toka. Around here that would be round about May 1

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My orchard is in zone 5b about 35 miles south of Albany, NY.

I did not think that I was zone pushing.

Last fall I had my first harvest in 7 years.

Unfortunately, I was harvesting wood for my smoker and needed a chainsaw for the 5 inch trunk.:sob: :worried:

Despite regular blooming … no fruit :anguished: :sob:


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Maybe not helpful but im in central PA zone 6b/7a and mine bloomed for the first time this year in early March. Its about a five year old tree and was the first of any fruit trees here to bloom. It set some fruit but they seem rather sparse compared to the amount of blossoms and size of the tree.