To Susu and Mamuang

Continuing the discussion from Organic Sprays for spring/summer:

Since you both have used tanglefoot (goo) do you think it keeps the curc population from crawling up the trunk of your trees?

I don’t have much fruit to speak of. So the curcs haven’t been my main issue and I haven’t paid any attention to them since I don’t have anything to protect. I’ll let Mamuang share her experience.

In theory, it could. I wrap my tree trunks to prevent ants from going up to farm aphids. If it could prevent PC from crawling up the trees, too. I’d be doubly-blessed.

However, for PC, I read that you should wrap tree trunks with corrugated cardboard so PC could crawl in and lay eggs there instead of in the tree bark. Next year, I’ll try that.

Wouldn’t the tanglefoot clog the trunk?

No, Tangled Foot is smeared on the wrapper ( in my case, cut up plastic bags). Do not smear Tangled Foot directly on tree trunks.

Got it! Thanks! :blush: