Today harvest

Here are some fruits that I harvested today.



Jujube, pawpaw, and persimmons! What varieties are they Tony? Great looking harvest!

Beautiful pictures!
I need to show those pics to my tiny pawpaws and tell them that’s what a REAL pawpaw tree looks like! :smile:

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Li jujube, Mango and Shenandoah pawpaws, and American persimmon : Meader, Lena, and H-120 all self fruitful.


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Tony, beautiful as always! Are jujubes really sweet and taste like dates? Do you dry them like dates? I have never tasted a pawpaw. I must be missing something.

Jujube taste is sweet and reminiscent of crab apple. They have Vitamin C content that 20X more than oranges. My wife used them in hot tea and sweet bake good. My Mango and Shenandoah are very large maybe greater than half a pound each. Sweet, creamy, soft avacado texture and tropical taste of banana, mango like. I loved them. You should grow a couple of trees and enjoy.


Thanks for posting the pawpaw pictures Tony. It made me go look at mine - they are usually not ripening for several weeks so I had not looked at all. Well I have lots of ripe ones now:

Also check out this big cluster:

The trees are in a mostly shaded area so took quite a few years to get going but are now cranking them out! I planted the trees a dozen years ago.

Now all I need is some jujubes, I have maybe a dozen fruits now in my whole patch.



Nice pawpaws harvest. Loved that big cluster. Enjoyed.