Today's Garden Harvest

Just sharing a couple of pics of today’s harvest.

Several varieties of watermelon here. The largest must be about 50 pounds.

Large basket of several tomato varieties.


Rob, I think there are a few members here who would be more than happy to help you eat those melons. :smiley:

How many different varieties do you have in that shot?

Beautiful maters, too. Do you use them, can them, sell them, give them away, or what?

It’s a very nice bounty you have there.

Wow what varieties of tomatoes and they all look delish. And the melons are gorgeous. I want to know how many varieties there are as well. Lets have a party!

I think the watermelons in the pic are Ali Baba, Georgia Rattlesnake, Moon and Stars, and Orange Tendersweet. There might be a Congo in there. I also have Golden Russian, Blacktail Mountain, and White Wonder.

I have 16 varieties of tomatoes, but not all of them are in the basket. There are some orange and yellow types in the bottom that you can’t really see. I have some white types, but they haven’t produced well, yet. I give away the tomatoes to friends, family, and coworkers. I’m taking everything in the pics to work to give to coworkers. My wife will take half of the tomatoes to give away, also.

I also picked a container of Joy grapes today and will let my coworkers sample those. I’m interested to see their reaction as these grapes are nothing like you get from the store. They are small grapes, but have a very intense fruity flavor.