Tomato Leaf Disease?

My tomato plants either are diseased or have a fungus. I watered them from the top at night when I noticed the soil was dry. They started out indoors under grow lights. I also transferred into pots I used last year (did not sanitize). Many lessons learned this year. I am thinking I have to throw them out? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Welcome! Do you have a picture of these plants so I can picture it better.

Water in the morning. Often soil splashing on plant will bring fungus to leaves so add any kind of mulch to keep soil off leaves. Any leaves hitting the soil cut off. You have time to start over, but keep plants anyway and remove diseased leaves.
Don’t worry about sterilizing pots, just clean them at the end of the season.
You could also start new plants by cutting top off and planting it. usually top foliage is clean. I would start some but keep these anyway.