Tomato’s outside

I live in the Boston area and wanted to know if it’s safe to leave tomatoes outside overnight now?

I am in Somerville and just took the wall-o-waters off today

Yes, the weather has been great lately. I just get nervous with the crazy weather we can have here.

keep a close eye on the weather. i put my potted citrus out which sounds a little crazy but with showers around for the next 10 day its going to stay low 70’s during the day and mid 40’s at night. ill watch the weather closely if it should dip into the 30’s ill bring them back in.

I live in Worcester MA and I actually planted out everything today - tomatoes, peppers, egplants


If we could put our act together (hubby and me), all our plants will be in ground tomorrow as well.

I live near Galina.


If you weather is prone to sink to below 50 F with cold windy or rainy nites, keep them inside until you are certain that nite time temps are going to stay above 50F. If you do take them out early on a gamble, be prepared to cover them with a ground cloth if you see the temps are falling. Once stunted, it takes weeks to recover.

Forgot to mention, if you keep a low profile to the ground, by planting your tomatoe plants in a trench about tree inches deep buying the majority of the trunk with only a top sticking out of the ground, it’s more likely to survive cold weather due to the heat of your soil, plus it’s much easier to cover with a fruit jar or milk jug should cold nite or cold rainy weather hit your area for a few days, plus when you do get warm weather, your hurried plants will outperform any not planted in a shallow trench simply because there root to fruit ration is gonna be much greater! Try it with a few and compare. You will trench them all next year!
Kent, wa

my potted citrus are doing fine with 2 nights outside in the low 40’s. the calamondin is covered with 20 fruitlets so if it got too cold i would think those would abort. theyre loving the full sun.