Tomato seedlings wonky


I’m starting to suspect a little phosphorus deficiency- and that could happen even if there’s enough phosphorus in you planting mix if the pH is out of whack. Could your watering be affecting the pH?

Just thoughts there. The devil is always in the details!


Water ph is 7.2


Maybe ethylene damage ?
Unvented gas heater ?
Gas leak ?
Improper, combustion, vent,?


All electric house!


Looking much better.


What do you attribute the improvement to?


Well, I think in part they simply grew larger root systems and were able to dry the media out on their own a lot faster, I also backed off on watering.


It seems like they are now taking up the water quickly enough, that the media is no longer fully saturated even just a few hours after I water. The algae that was growing on the surface of the media has subsided quite a bit, as well. That might be in part due to shading from the larger plants.


So they look healthy and sturdy except some of them seem to be curling their leaves inward.


The “wilty” gene can cause leaf curling. Are the curled varieties Opalka, Amish Paste, heart types, or similar?

I’ve also seen this effect - and worse - with tomatoes sprayed with a tank mix of neem oil and liquid sevin. I’m not suggesting this is what is wrong with your plants, just noting it so others will know to avoid the combination.


Have you / or your niebores had lawn service sprays ?
Or …do you live in an area where spray drift from agriculture fields could be a
Issue ?
This could be an auxin type of herbicide damage ?


Opalka and San marzano Redorta are the ones curling.


They’re indoors.


“They’re indoors.”
That does not eliminate the risk.
As many auxin type herbicides are very volatile.and can find their way many places, linger on clothing . Come out of bottles, drift on the wind for many miles, and find their way into your home


I still doubt it. We barely have anything green outside yet, and are not in a heavily farmed area.



I remember one year I had the twisted leaves, and it was definitely just certain varieties


The stems look good, and they’re growing like gangbusters.


So I noticed that the mix was not wetting properly. I sat the tray in a tray of water for about an hour. Now that they’re fully moist, all but two appear essentially normal.

The two that look the worst today as far as rolling/curling are two different varieties - a San Marzano Redorta and an Opalka. Both are the two tallest and thickest plants and are adjacent to one another, but I can’t deteemin anything else.