Tomato Seeds Recommended to Me

I don’t have much to contribute here as I generally have no big problem getting my tomatoes to ripen and I haven’t been selecting for early varieties. I am also in the maritime PNW, but my climate is likely milder than the originator of this thread.

What I thought I might mention just in case @DragonflyLane wasn’t aware is that it is possible to fully ripen green tomatoes off the plant if they aren’t fully mature at the end of your growing season.

Last year I got off to a late start because my first batch of seedlings caught some disease and mostly all died. I started another round of seedlings that didn’t end up getting planted out until the middle of June.

Some of these were not ripe at the end of the growing season in Oct. I picked the still green tomatoes and finished ripening them indoors in cardboard boxes. The key thing is to add a banana or two to each box, then close up the lids on the boxes and leave the tomatoes to ripen on the top of the fridge.

I was surprised that ripening them this way resulted in nice sweet tomatoes that didn’t seem inferior to the ripened on the plant tomatoes that matured sooner.

I guess most long term tomato growers know about this trick, but I just thought I’d mention it in case some weren’t aware of this method for ripening.

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Completely agree. No benefit to grow Early Girl open ground for me.

Easy to grow and fast to produce? I’d say Celebrity and Sungold are always my first tomatoes. I hate to endorse them but they are pretty solid, easy and everyone I recommend to grow them has appreciated it the last several years. Especially people that haven’t had luck growing tomatoes.

Big Beef and Betterboy are similar and easy.

Black Cherry mentioned above is an excellent cherry tomato and a work horse. And it’s an heirloom so you can keep growing from seed. I recommend that to everyone.

Early Girl is a negative for my garden. I don’t like the flavor or texture and was warned about that but had to grow to know. The same time I have neighbors that love them.

I started germinating 8 varieties yesterday.
Yellow Brandywine
Black Krim
Aunt Ruby’s German Green
San Marzano
Campbell’s 33
Green Grape
Gold Nugget
White Currant
It will be a few years before the fruit trees I have purchased will fill in the yard. I am planning a small breeding project to put the space to use. I am primarily interested in producing determinate tomatoes, but I will accept any high-quality tomato I am lucky enough to grow. I am hoping to get my first round of F1 hybrid seeds by mid-Spring. I am focusing on heirloom varieties to start my project. I don’t want to start playing around with adding hybrids until I am growing out my own F2s.

Awesome, please keep us informed of your results/experience.