Tomato selling

I’m on the email list for the University of Tennessee’s agriculture extension service in my county. While most of what they send out is related to the cash cows (if there is such a thing) of TN agriculture- things like cattle and pork farming, row crop farming and sales, and so on. However, once in a while I see something of interest to us. I thought the following item MIGHT be one of those. It is basically a spreadsheet to be used by small scale tomato growers to help them keep up with and calculate the cost of inputs (plants, fertilize, fungicides, etc.) as well as income and profits.

I’ve barely looked through it so forgive me if it isn’t much help. They also had one for large scale tomato growers which made me think this one might be quite helpful for us small growers.
It is dated 2015 but I just got it today and they said it was just developed- so not sure what that means but even if it is 7 years old it could still be helpful.

Anyway, Hope this helps someone! Take care.
tomatoe buget by U.ofTN.xlsx (687.5 KB)

UPDATE/EDIT Someone just told me that the above budget couldn’t be edited. That night be because in its original form it was a PDF but I resaved it as an Ecell page. So here is a link to the original version so for those with more computer skills than me, hopefully you can convert it to Excell and make it editable. If not, I don’t have the skills to help. sorry. BTW, this link also allows you to see and download all the other farming budgets that the U. of TN Ag Extension have created for large and small farmers. I don’t think we have many row crop farmers or hemp growers or so on here, but if we do maybe you can use these other budgets. Good luck. Remember that this tomatoe one is geared toward very small growers who sell at a farmers market, so I would think that would be more in line with some people here on GF . org

When you become millionaires, don’t forget to send me my cut for helping you with these budgets (which I didn’t even write so of course I don’t deserve it! ha)


Thanks for posting Kevin.

Interesting sample budget.

Also noticed they are recommending metribuzin (Sencor) herbicide for tomatoes. Something I may look into.

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