Tomatoes: Hey, how's it growing?


Ah! Found 1 Early Girl I had missed yesterday, and here is a comparison.

Now, 12 or so hours later, see how much more ripe the Costoluto Fiorentino has become! Went from light green with hints of red to light red with hint of green


Pineapple Pig tomato finally is fruiting. Not sure size it will become, but leaves smell good!


Does this look ready yet?


Nice tomato


I had a ton of rain after 90 degree days and so one type of tomato got blossom end rot. It may be okay now, but lost 2 big ones. I had never had that problem before.

So here are a few tomatoes today. Shown four different varieties including the type that got the rot. We expect tons of rain starting tomorrow and all next week, so I fear the worst.


In 2018 I grew Valencia , a orange tomatoe.
While not my favorite, flavor wise , they did yield well, very little blight ,etc.
This year several came up as volunteers, late in the season.
Befor the first hard freeze first week in November, I picked all of them, put them in the garage . Zone 6 ,Wv.
Many were green… Slowly they
I ate them at thanksgiving, xmass, and on New Year’s Eve !
Today , January 13th there was 2 left . Not rotten, but had a odd color to them.
I cut them open, the seeds had sprouted !
I have never seen this before .
Long keepers for sure !


So , does anyone have recommendations for tomatoe varietys that will keep into the winter like these ?