Tomatoes so far in zone 5b/6a

I picked my first tomato, the earliest ever. I seem to have lot of flower buds this year for whatever reason? Looks to be an excellent year.

Indian Stripe potato leaf

Pink Berkeley tie-dye

Costoluto Fiorentino

Container tomatoes

Wow, that’s early! Mine are starting to fruit just now. I planted too late. I think I could have had tomatoes in February with the winter that we had.

Drew growing them in pots like that does that help them from getting blight?

No, I have not seen any advantage there. I also have 6 plants in ground. I use containers as I don’t have anymore ground space. I like to grow around 15 plants to meet my needs for the year.

Drew, what tomato did you pick? I am still waiting. Here are my tomatoes for the comparison I am in zone 5b.

My first will be Lida Ukrainian and Legend I am waiting every day do the to start blushing.

The others below, Japanese Truffle Pink, Black from Tula, Bulgarian Triumph and Maria, in that orde

Wow, they may not be ripe, but your plants are loaded! Mine are not as big really. A few here and there. Looks like you got a good round off the first flowers. It was too cold here when the first set started, so they aborted. I started them a little early. Nectar and Snow White cherries have had ripe fruit. Also Blue Berries is almost ripe too. Seems the blues take longer to ripen.

AntMary! What a great looking garden! AND. . . your tomatoes are spectacular. I just have the beginnings of ‘Sun Gold’ which should be ready in another week. Everything else, except for a few paste tomatoes have only flowers! Can’t wait for the summer tomato taste!

We should start our own tomato seed swapping thread this fall for this year’s crop. Peppers too, that pepper Antmary has in the other thread looks good!

I sowed peppers at the last week of Feb. and the tomatoes at the first week of Mach. they were planted out around April 27. Actually tomatoes should have more mature fruits by now. The same as you, we had the wet and cold spring and the first tomato flowers did not set fruits. Only Lida Ukrainian and Legend were able to have some, which and their tomatoes are going to ripe soon. When the warm weather came about 2-3 weeks ago, I started to routinely shake the plants twice a day and I also sent positive thoughts to them :wink:. Something of the three helped, and they started to set fruits. That is why you saw so many small fruits in the pictures.
Drew, it would be nice to have seeds exchange in the fall.
The pepper that you saw is a yellow Flavorburst hybrid, it is not that flavorful but it is early and productive. It set fruits in the cold weather when tomatoes failed. I know that you have a lot of pepper varieties, you should probably start the new thread about them.

Drew, how are your tomatoes and peppers doing? Do you have any ripe yet?

Yes, harvest is underway. I was out of town for almost 3 weeks, sorry for the late response. My daughter has been taking them and caring for my plants while gone. I’m loaded with all kinds of stuff right now garlic, onions, blackberries, strawberries, peppers, spices, and tomatoes are all ready for harvest.

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We grow Rutgers, cherries, romas from seed direct sowed and started getting tomatoes a couple of weeks ago. We’ve tried lots of other things but those are the varieties and method that works best for us. We have grown yellow pear, celebrity, early girl, jet star, etc previously and liked those as well. The ones I gave up growing were Cherokee purple because they were not as productive as I wanted.

I think some years, and maybe certain zones have better results. Like Brandywine does much better in colder zones.Not a good one for CA or the deep south. I’m still trying various types. Trying to figure out what works for me. I will always grow a few new to me, as I enjoy checking out new varieties.

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