Tomatoes are a fruit. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am growing many types. Some only have flowers as of yet. Here are starts of fruiting:

One of the hardest to find, and I love best if the red cherries, is Sweet Baby Girl. In fact, she began to fruit this year before any of the cherry or currants!

This pix should show both the former and a Matts Wild Currant (upload://eNkb8HjoFb0feAagkBXOGNVgCvu.jpeg)
One I was NOT planning to get was from Parkrose Hardware, when I was buying other thimhs that day they gave me a freebee. Why not? So this is Early Girl slicer,in my herb garden, and seems she is happy to be there. She is truely earlier than any of my other paste or slicing maters.

Please share yours, and if you live in NW US states especially!


Flavor bomb cherry tomatoes



Stump of the world.

Girl Girl’s Weird thing

I have no idea how much the trusses of tomatoes weigh, but it has to be at least 6-8 pounds probably more. I hope they don’t tear off the plants!

I’ve had very good fruit set on my heirlooms, starting low on the plants with some now sitting on the ground. Must be just right temps and rain.


We spent a few hours yesterday putting down straw mulch around a few plants and some grass clippings in the rows. Our plants are mostly about 3ft tall, and a few are already fruiting.

I don’t have any pics, but the varieties showing small 'maters are: Aunt Ruby’s German Green, Omar’s Lebanese, Chocolate Cherry, Black Brandywine, Jaune Flamée, and Azoychka.


Mine are coming along nicely. However, maybe someone can help. For some reason, even though I have a few healthy tomatoes coming along it seems about 75% of the flowers are just drying up and dying. Is there something I can do to help produce more fruits?

I fertilize somewhat regularly.

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If it’s been hot where you’re at, that will affect flower formation and pollination. I think when temps that are consistently above 90 degrees during the day or above 75 at night, pollination is reduced.


That must be it. We cool down overnight, but +90° has been the norm for a while. Thankfully we have a few mid/upper 70’s coming up.


Ok, they should start flowering again when the temps drop, I’m sure you’re keeping them properly hydrated. I know about the heat and tomatoes, I lived in north Texas for a while, and once June started with the 90+ temps, we hardly got any tomatoes after that. Here our main issues are too much rain and deer. Can’t do much about the weather, but can protect them somewhat from those varmits.

Also, if your fert is high in N in relation to P, that might cost you flower formation as well. Lots of foliage, not so many blooms. Our 'maters were in a N rich soil last year, but a lot of them didn’t flower much. Big plants, not much fruit. Not because of the heat, but because the soil was relatively low in P. This year they are in a plot very high in P and K, and there’s lots of flowers already.


I’m actually pretty stingy on watering. Maybe I can ramp that up too. There are some new flowers as well. It’s just they never seem to turn into fruit. I’ll try more water, see how it goes.

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@calron something I do to help with fruit set on tomatoes is “drumming” my fingers on the stalk or trust. I learned that from MIGardener on YouTube last year. It supposedly simulates a bee landing on the flowers. Since I started drumming my plants every time I go by them I’ve noticed an increase in fruit set. It’s free to try, so give it a whirl.


I’ve checked out his channel before. His results speak for themselves. I’ll giver it a try. Can’t hurt!

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I never heard of that. Tell me how Flavor Bomb tastes!

Great idea!

Picked two ripe “Early Girl” yesterday.

By the way, some years back I grew tomatoes in south central Florida…planted in December, a few ripe tomatoes in March. (but one year they got frozen and killed at 17 degrees). Avoided the lack of fruit set in the heat in the winter months.

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**Flavor Bombs cherry tomato was crossed from France and taste great and sweet. I got the seeds from Sam’s club .



We picked our first tomatoes yesterday, Cherokee purple and Better boy.


This is a volunteer tomato that popped up this spring. Growing better than the store purchased ones. I thought it’d be a Sun gold since I had sun gold in this spot last year. But whatever it is, it’s not Sungold.
Here it is:

This is the second variety I grow this year. Sweet million. Those two are all the tomatoes for this year.


Oh wow
It looks hardy!
Be sure to give us a look when ripe if you slice it!

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Alas, no Sams Club here.
I bet it shows up in a few years.
If it came true from seed I would want seeds.

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