Tony's 2017 Orchard photos

Trees are producing and life is Good.

Alcedo sent me a bunch of his seedlings cots seeds. They are growing well in sands.

Potted Pakistan mulberry.

Just grafted one more Pakistan mulberry in pot for a back up.

Potted Great Wall persimmon with lots of flowers.

JT-02 and Cassandra Hybrid Persimmon Grafts are pushing buds.

2nd year potted Che on Osage Orange rootstocks are doing fine. Too bad the Che Experiment on Mulberry understocks failed.

Last season potted Rojo Brillante Asian Persimmon graft is waking up.

Topworked a multi grafted Asian pear last year. Tennosui from two different sources and hopefully one is the real mecoy and my own seedling cross called Korashu (Korean Giant X Mishirasu).

Baby Robin’s​

Multi Grafts more Euro and Asian pears to my Asian pear stand.

Harvest Queen, Harrow’s Sweet, Seckel, Saved pear Altoona, Bosc, more Korashu (Korean X Mishirasu). Scott seedlings Fragrant pears,…

ClarkinKs Red Blush pear graft from last year is loaded and need to thin it to one or two pears to prevent graft breakage.

Asian pears are loaded and need major thinning.

Jujubes are waking up: Li, Honey Jar, Sugarcane​, Tae Seoul, Winters Delight, Dong, So, Lang, Tigertooth, Sihong, and Zhou…

Pawpaws are loaded and needs major thinning.


Shenandoah, Susquehanna, Sunflower Pawpaws…

Twelve feet talk large fruited Prok American persimmon is waking up with lots of flower buds.

40 plus potted figs are chilling on the patio.

Lastly, my Orangered cot crossed with the Chinese Sweet Pit is starting to ripe in the Sunroom.



Tony, you have been sooo busy and it all looks terrific!


fantastic! spring is good!

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Thanks for taking the time to share. So beautiful.

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Very nice, Tony. Wait to hear your comment on fruit taste of your KG and M.hybrid.

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Looking good, best wishes for a fruitful season!

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Wonderful pics Tony!

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Wow, you’ve been a busy guy, Tony. Everything looks great. How do you do all this and work too? I’m “semi-retired”, and I seem to run out of time to tend to our plants, and do other chores. Are you also planning on doing vegetables, too?

Hey Tony thanks for the pics they are great. I have a question for you. Do jujubes produce multiple crops a year the way that figs can? I haven’t fooled around with them much aside from an old tree that I think may have been a lang that was on a piece of property I had a little business on. To me the fruits were dry and I wasn’t very impressed. I didn’t know how or when to pic them and I didn’t know what to do with them. I’m thinking I need to revisit them. I am asking you because I know you grow them and seem to know quite a bit about them. Thank you.


Looking good…that is a lot of figs! Enjoy the weather…

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Thanks for sharing your orchard pictures with us.

What is the size of the pot you have this persimmon in?
Has it fruited prior to this year?

Drew, I like Honey Jar the best. It is earlier than most varieties, very crunchy and sweet even at the green stage.



The Great Wall Astringent Asian Persimmon is 3 years old in a 15 gallon pot. It produced 2 fruits last year. There are 25 flowers this year.


I just topworked a 7 years old Snow Queen Nectarine to more Saturn peach, Tango peach, White River peach, Winblo, and Spicezee.


Mulberry grafts:. Girardi, Kokuso, Oscar, and IE.


Awesome! How many years have your paw paws been in the ground?

Which type of graft did you use on your nectarine? Did you use freshly cut scion wood or did it come from storage? looking to do exactly what you did to an apple next week.

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The Mango pawpaw is 8 years old and the rest are 6 years old. I did Bark grafts on the Snow queen nectarine understock. All the scions has been in the refrig. since mid February. Good luck with the apple grafts.


There is some wildness on your property,Tony.I was thinking everything was manicured lawns. Brady

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I got about a 1/2 acre beyond the lawn that has a wild side to it. Lots of deer, wild turkey, coons, rabbits, wild mulberries, and squirrels. There is a creek name Deercreek that is also the name of our golf course.



looks amazing tony.

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