Too cold for PYO apples?

I thought I would ask this question in a new thread, I had asked it in the “what’s happening” thread.

We have taken a few trips to a PYO orchard, to get some apples and pears fresh off the trees. We wanted to make maybe one last trip and stock up on some apples for winter time storage. The orchard is closing for the season on Dec 9th. We wanted to pick up some more GoldRush, Pink Lady, among others.

However, the last couple of mornings the temps have dropped into the low 20s here, I assume the temps at the orchard are prob close to ours. My question is, if the temps are that low with fruit still on the trees, will the apples suffer some freeze damage? I know that some apples have a built-in antifreeze with the sugars in the fruit, but also some are still a bit starchy. I would imagine there is a point when the sugars can’t protect the fruit?

I guess I could call the orchard, and ask them about this, but they’re closed today.

Goldrush probably still okay. I think @alan has had experiences observing this in the past.

Cripps Pink Lady probably still good too.

Yeah, Goldrush can take low 20’s but I’m not sure exactly when it turns to mush.

Thanks for the replies, I’m going to give them a call soon to see how the cold affected their fruit. It’s not supposed to get that cold for the next week or so.

Did you get some of that lake effect snow down in your locale Alan? I saw that some folks in upstate NY got over two feet of snow. Hello winter!

Upstate, where the lake affect snow is, often gets snow that we don’t- I’m just about 40 miles up from NYC. We got merely an annoying dusting and a brutal north wind which made working on Monday difficult. Just not tuned to winter yet, and being of age to get medicare in about a month, it’s probably not getting easier to adapt.


No Alan. You are right. That wind we had was flat out COLD. Bitterly cold. We had real-feel temps go from the 80s to the 20s in a day. Nasty.

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Just called Reed Valley about their apples. They said due to the hard freeze on Monday and Tuesday, their PYO price has dropped to 50c/lb. She told me that they’re probably OK, but prob won’t store as well, she mentioned the cold causes them to sweeten faster?

I asked her if they picked any for storage before the cold temps hit, and they did pick a bunch of them last week and weekend. Those apples are in better shape, but are $1.39/lb, which is still a good price. These include Pink Lady, GoldRush and Granny Smith. So, I might make a trip down there before the 3rd, that’s when they’re closing for the season.

Both me and the Mrs were out in the deer blind before dawn this morning. It was about 30, but no wind, so cool but not too uncomfortable. We briefly saw one young buck, and that was it for the rest of the morning. She had to go back to the house after about an hour as her jeans weren’t keeping her too warm. After she left it started to rain a bit, and that seemed to make it colder.

After about an hour of that I said enough and walked back to the house in the light rain. It rose to about 35, but it seemed colder, guess the dampness does that. I had to sit on the couch under a blanket to warm back up. We haven’t had any snow yet, but it did sleet briefly here on Saturday.

I haven’t ever been to NY, so I don’t know what the winters are like there. Are the winds usually a cold, wet, penetrating type, or are they generally a “dry” cold?

We moved here a couple years ago from Texas, and I’m still struggling getting used to the cold and snow. I’d like to turn the heat up to 70, but don’t want a $300/mo electric bill! We keep it at about 65. She was raised on this farm, so the cold doesn’t bother her as much.

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I lived in Manhattan for about 15 years right on the Hudson River and when that wind hit my face off the river it was bone chilling. Where I live now there is pretty good protection from the wind, so even though lows tend to be about 10-15 degrees lower on winter nights than in the city it never seems quite as cold as some of those mornings coming out of my apartment building.

The air tends towards low humidity when cold here is at its most extreme.

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