Too hot to bud (graft)?

I am trying to bud mazzard cherry rootstock in Lodi, CA.

It’s been really hot, above 105 F, and the most recent buds have dried up after one week. The parafilm budding tape has even cracked off! I think it will be hot for awhile.

Should I quit trying to bud and wait till cooler weather?

The little trees are well irrigated, green and bark slipping nicely, but it’s just baking hot.

Thanks for all replies.


I don’t think it is necesserily too hot if the trees are well irigated and growing but parafilm breaks down in days. I wrap my chips with 2-3 layers of parafilm and then cover them loosely with painters tape to protect them against the sun. I remove it after two weeks and there is usually a good connection and some callus visible.
Waiting for cooler weather doesn’t hurt though