Too Late to Chip Bud Pawpaw Zone 7

Wonder if it’s too late to chip bud pawpaw in zone 7? A friend has just one lone pawpaw tree and I plan to graft some pollinators into that tree. Thanks.

I think you’ll be fine… especially zone 7…i’d even do some here still

Thanks. Any tips for chip budding? Plan to use parafilm over rubber bands. Should I leave leaf stem attached to bud or cut it off?

@hambone, how did your pawpaw chip budding go? I’d like to bud some root suckers now to good varieties then transplant in the spring.

Just saw your msg. I decided against chip budding back at time of original post in 2015. Have just done the usual three grafts since then with about 60% lifetime take rate. Although when I cut off the entire top of the tree and bark graft the four foot tall stump I get 100% takes.